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Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life


I have been preaching this for years. What we say does matter, in fact, it shapes the way we exist. So many times I have been told ” Stan, that’s just semantics.” Yes, you are correct, it is semantics, and it makes a difference in our lives.

I took away a great piece here…..among many great pieces…..which was how I can reframe some of the old “tapes” that play in my head. I thought she had a great idea…..when a tape pops up and that old ” you should do this…” raises its head, I can now meet it with “What would it take…….” and reframe it. For instance, if one of my tapes was that I could never afford this guitar, this piece of gear, etc……then I would say “What would it take for me to afford that guitar, gear, etc.” and yes….let the universe weave its magic…..remember nature abhors a vacuum. It will get filled and it will get answered….all I have to do is listen….

So I invite you to listen to how to change your frequency!

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