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I have never been one to ride comfortably in the middle of the road. I am either all the way on one side or the other. That is what I default to when I get scared, excited, or both. That is where I am right now.

I am coming down to the final stages of my new CD and my balance has been way off. One of the topics that I learned in Studio Engineering School was a structure on how you can mix and master and get projects done in a respectable amount of time. Well that is good for projects that I am not personally involved in other than being the sound engineer and it is REALLY good if I am doing my own project because it is really hard for me to be willing to end.

So I do this by setting guidelines, dates and other markers that I work toward so I don’t work on this CD for the next 3 years. Believe me, there are a million “little” things that can be done to a CD musically that can bog down the best of them. Again, I have to be willing to end.

Another fear I have is that when I finish this, there will never be another like it… savor it. Again, I deal with my ego and fear by looking them in the eyes and owning this is just the beginning.

So are you starting to understand my intensity and balance issues……I am. I guarantee you it’s not easy being really intense AND I would not trade my passion for anything. I am alive and living my dream every time I create music and step into my studio.

Fortunately, I also love MP and our time together so it is a lot easier this time to find my balance……between areas I love…….one more challenge to balance…….I think I feel a new song coming on…….stay tuned.

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