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In my studio engineering class, we have a final presentation we have to do……record a CD. That includes the tracking, the mixing and the mastering. I am adding another layer to this also…..I am writing the music and producing it.

I have enrolled the help of some awesome musicians that I have played with over the years separately …never all together in one band. I am also doing something new in that I have written and recorded all these songs with the help of a select few and have submitted them to these musicians to tweek and to see what they come up with as they will be doing most of the playing…….this recording is about me being a producer and studio engineer first….then a musician.

The project has been named The Flying Blind Project because one of the songs that will be on the CD is called Flying Blind and was written about a dream one of the musicians had about exploring what is beyond our sight on this physical plane. I provided the music and used his lyrics. What made it so powerful was it was a wonderful metaphor for exactly how my life is. Interestingly enough, flying blind to me is not a bad thing, yet one based in faith and hope……two of my favorite subjects.

The main line in the song is “I can see clearly when I am flying blind.” So how is this based on faith and hope……good question. Think about this……if I am flying around blindfolded, what do I have to rely on to steer a good course……faith and hope. If I translate that to life, I can’t see the future, so in some aspects I fly blind every day…..because I don’t what will happen and all I can do is to point myself in the right direction, work hard, pray, and be open to what happens.

So that is why I named this project Flying Blind, mainly because I am pointed in the right direction, I am working hard , I pray and meditate daily, AND I have faith and hope that this project will be everything and more than I ever hoped for……that is why I am going to call my new studio…..Hope Studio…..and the only way you can get there is by flying blind…..should be interesting.

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