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In one of our first lessons in Studio Engineering school, Paul Cox, our instructor and owner of 226 Recording Studio, gave us one of the best pieces of wisdom I have had in a long time……”never settle”.

The context of the lesson was in the recording process, never settle on something that you don’t like or that you know is wrong, only because you are in a hurry or don’t want to mess with it. The wisdom is in that if I don’t settle on what I want to do and take the time, my recordings will always be what I want and even if they don’t work out, I will not carry resentments that I settled when I did not want to.

This piece of wisdom applies so wonderfully to so many parts of my life. When I have settled when I did not have to or need to, I have always carried resentments toward my self when things did not work out.

These resentments I carry feed my inner critic and I am off to the races once more. The work I am doing these days is to nurture my critic so settling does not work for me.

This past weekend I recorded all the drums, guitar, and bass tracks to my project for 5 new songs (of 7) and I did not settle once…….and it showed. The recordings so far have been wonderful. I am really living my passion now and I can smell a “settling” a mile away…….sounds like a new song is brewing…..already working on the next project…….I love music.

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