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One of my mentors and teachers, Rolf Smith, shared with me the quote from Einstein that says “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”………although he tweeked it a little to say that we cannot solve problems thinking the same way we did when the problem developed.

He was a master at thinking differently and with thinking differently, I can change things in my life that I have not been able to change before. This concept has recently been popping up in my life (and hororscope) a lot lately. The last time this happened was when I got divorced 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I think differently every day, yet the big ones……the great big life changing ones….only come along every so often.

Lately I have been leaving behind a lot of the issues that I have been working on, chewing on, and dealing with the last 10 plus years…….most of them are in the way I think about things. Now I have more developed tool box and a lot more awareness. I am continually amazed at how my ego will let me revert back to dysfunctional thinking to keep me planted squarely in the victim.

I know that I am going through a huge change because I have taped into my passion of music lately and have been on a path to let this develop and blossom in my life. In fact, a lot of the songs that I am writing now are sooooooo much different than when I started writing songs close to 20 years ago.

So in taking a page from Rolf’s book……..think differently, always……take a different path to work…..change something everyday…..write down ideas……write down 101 goals …….wear a fake ponytail to a meeting with executives……shake it up and most of all wake up and knock em alive.

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