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I have always loved language and the power and connection of words. This week the title to my blog has a few different meanings in my life…..each one different, each one important…..and most importantly they are coming together to create the next phase of my life.

When I first think of record time, I think of making great time, as if in a race or some event where time is a deciding factor. “John Smith has the record time in the 100 yard dash.” So how does this apply to me. Well, it seems as if I have made it to 55 in record time. I often wonder where those years went and it was just yesterday I was telling my mom when she turned 50, she was definitely getting old. I now know that is not true….old is a state of mind……so in record time I debunked that rumor.

I also have lived long enough where music came on records….not CDs. So when it became time to get a new album….it was record time. I still refer to CDs as albums and records and I guess I always will.

I am also a musician so record time is also when it is time to record and that brings me to the topic of the day recording. I have been in the recording studio quite a bit since I started seriously playing music 20 plus years ago. This past year I invested in getting my own recording gear and have been working hard at learning how to use Pro Tools and the art of recording, mixing, and mastering.

Well today I set an appointment to go to meet with a gentleman who teaches protocols/studio recording…….and it is 5 minutes from my house. This is a huge step for me and I am excited and scared for this next step. As I wrote last week when I recorded my song with Kelsey, recording and music give me such a thrill, I can’t ignore it any longer.

So on my path or music and healing and if all goes good I will be quite the recording expert in……record time.

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