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It amazes me how certain lyrics get stuck in my head for years. I can distinctly remember seeing my first Sammy Hagar MTV video called “I Can’t Drive….55”. I loved the song and the video and I loved the image of Sammy being in a red Ferrari stuck behind a truck that he cannot pass while singing…. “I can’t drive….55”. Fast forward about 30 or so years.

This week I turned 55 years old and for some reason that song has been playing in my head for weeks. I knew when my birthday came I would have to write about it……I just wasn’t clear about what it meant for me. I am not a fast driver and I surely don’t have a Ferrari…..yet. What I can relate to is being stuck sometimes and really wanting to move forward.

All indications point to a big change happing this year for me. My horoscope for a while has been talking about entering into a different phase of my life that I have been holding onto for a number of years. The frustrating part is that I am the one doing the holding AND I am the one who wants the change. What I tweeted today was “Change is the perfect paradox” and I really believe that. I find myself in this place a lot these days and I know when I do, I am changing in a big way.

So I realize birthdays are just another day in my journey and they are also markers. I think that is what 2012 is also about in a lot of ways. It is a marker to all of us that this is an auspicious time to move forward, to evolve, and to grow. This time is all about creating new beginnings and shedding what no longer serves me and embracing the next chapter in my life.

So far what I have found to be true for me in 2012 is that change is my only constant, fear is my teacher, and love can heal when I make that choice. “The love you make is equal to the love you take”….lyrics.

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