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On every CD that I have been part of, there is usually one or two songs that go down so much different than what was originally planned….. sometimes it works, others not. This time it worked in spades …… twice. The first one was Be My Rock and the second was this song, Hand in Hand.

I had heard some reggae music recently and have always been lured to their rhythms. I got turned onto a band called The Dirty Heads and they did a show with Daryl Hall (of Hall and Oates) called Daryl’s Place, in which he brings in different artist to his farm (full recording studio filled with awesome session musicians) to record some of each of their songs with the other’s influence. A very, very cool idea and one that has had some really surprising results……this is one of them. When I heard these guys I knew that I had to have one song on my CD that had a reggae feel……and Hand in Hand got the nod.

It was so perfect on how it came together. Even down to the lead, in which Randy was struggling to find something he liked, I on a whim had the keyboardist Randy Wall lay a scorching lead that fit the song perfectly. It was magical how this song came together.

The song is about walking hand in hand with my sweetie MP and about our journey. She is an inspiration for a lot of my material and was defiantly for this one.

When I built my new studio and named it Hope Studio, my intention was to record, write, work on, work with, and to develop music and sounds that will provide healing in this world.

After last nights election, it is clear no matter who you voted for, that we have a divided nation in need of healing. So when I hear this song, I always think of ways to be inclusive and not exclusive and how I can walk in hand in hand with others to bring healing and love to us all. I invite each of you to walk hand in hand and help heal our world every day.

Today’s Very Special announcement:

Flyin Blind is officially for sale.

You can purchase it at:

All proceeds will go to creating more healing music

and keeping music fun.

Hand in Hand

Been away, for a long, long while

Didn’t know if I’d come back,

Many days, so far way,

Not all who wander are lost,

Hand in hand, join the band,

She came to me, sweet angel soul,

Loved to dance in her own dreams,

through thick and thin, we survived,

Learned to love what we could be,

Hand in hand, join the band,

We talked about everything,

no stone was ever unturned,

many days so far away,

I came back so I could be with her

(spoken words)

When we smile out loud and clap our hands,

Share some love and walk hand in hand,

Let it flow through our hearts, let it flow through our hands,

When we love our neighbors, we can change this land,

When we give a hug and forward it pays,

People in this world won’t stay the same,

So smile out loud and clap your hands,

Share some love……

Smile out loud, clap your hand, Share some love, hand in hand

We talked about everything,

no stone was ever unturned.

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