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Sometimes miracles come in funny shapes, sizes, and at times when I least expect them. As most of you know through my blogs, I have struggled over the years with connecting with my father. I am the oldest son and we have always butted heads and struggled.

My father is 89 years old and still moves around well and is a walking testament to good genes. In the past few years, our connection has dwindled to mostly lunch at either the salad bar or Kim Song by his house on a semi regular basis. As he has grown older and after my mom passed away last year, I came to the realization that he is in that stage of life where every day is a blessing.

This past year I have really let a lot of old stuff go with him. When I would go to lunch I would tell him that I loved him and honor him for being a wonderful father. It took me a long time to honestly say that. I guess I expected that when I did finally say that, he would give me a big hug, tell me how wonderful I was and we would walk off in the sunset together…..well, didn’t quite happen that way. It was more of a “Well, thank you son.” ….and then change the subject. So I was patient….it was hard for me to hold that space.

Well, today was different. We had decided to go to lunch today and he called me this morning not to cancel but to tell me he was looking forward to lunch……..that’s never happened…….OK I can handle that. At lunch Dad always brings a checklist of topics to discuss with me so he won’t forget. Most of the time they are about everything else in the world except me…….the one thing I hope he always would ask about. Today on his list …..first item…..he wrote Buddy Holly. He said “When I woke up this morning, Buddy Holly was on the radio and I thought of you. Wasn’t he one of the musicians that you liked?”… again….I was stunned….this is from a Dad who has never know one thing about my music…..I thought……… “Yes he was Dad…..thanks for remembering.”…….I was almost in tears.

So miracles do happen…..we hugged as we left and I told him I loved him and he said “Let’s have lunch more often.”……my pleasure Dad………and I told him “Hey Dad, remember Buddy Holly rocks.” ….he chuckled, waved and off he went…….the healing power of music.

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