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I love language and the way words can have multiple meanings because in my world that means multiple messages. With my oldest daughter Madison recently getting engaged, I have been thinking a lot about where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. Big events in my life have a way of stopping me in my tracks and getting me to see these things.

On Christmas night, Madison accepted an engagement ring from Andy. Even though they have been informally discussing marriage over the last few years, the formal step of engagement had not taken place. The ring signifies a formal engagement and agreement to marry. It is no mistake that the ring is a circle. The circle is the essence of life…..a circle has no beginning and no end it represents infinity. A marriage is the same…..even though there is a ceremony where a couple gets married….they are not starting or finishing their lives, they are simply acknowledging an agreement to engage in marriage.

The reason that this is so significant to me is that I love to get lost in my thoughts and can live in that world very easily. Engagement is important to me because it gets me out of my thoughts and into action so that I can connect with the world and create the reality that I have in my thoughts.

I know this year is about building bridges for me……..the bridges that gap all what I have learned and experienced into my circle of life so that I can engage all of me to live the life that I dream of every day………The ring of engagement……what a truly lovely sound.

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