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There are certain milestones in life that are truly special. One of which I personally witnessed this weekend. MP’s parents celebrated 50 years of being married and they are really happy and committed to 50 more.

We went over to France last week to celebrate this occasion with them. They have been planning it for the last year. They put a lot of work to be surrounded by the people that they love. They did the party just like they did their marriage. They were committed, focused and very driven that this celebration would be on their own terms. I learned last week how when they got married, there was a lot of people that needed to be pleased and because of age and money, they were not able to do it exactly like they wanted…….this time they did though.

I have so much respect and love for both of them for so many reasons. First of all, they have done so much with so little and they are truly a team. They love and support each other no matter what and even though their generation does relationships differently than me, they do what they believe……and I like that a lot.

As part of the celebration, they renewed their vows. As part of the service, they had filled out some questionnaires on what was important to them. Monique said always to move straight ahead and Raymond said to let it go. They had their formula and in today’s world they might be considered co dependent but so what….it works for them and every day I was there, they held hands, kissed each other and he always called her “my love” in French.

As Bob Dylan said in his book Chronicles… “He came from a generation of different values, heroes and music, and wasn’t so sure that the truth would set anybody free.” …….Raymond and Monique did it the way of their generation and their culture and they did it with grace, style, and class. I am honored to know them and look forward to all that they will teach me about life, love, and great French wine and cheese.

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