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Serenity is what happens when there is no anxiety. In a world of confusion and distraction, I have to practice serenity everyday so my anxieties will not run away with me.

One of the ways I get serenity is with my sound healing work at 432 Peace Project. Bruce Sallee and I work together to create pieces of music that will help unlock what we are working to achieve in us. Music has always done this for me....we are just focusing on the frequencies and intention more.

The piece that we are featuring this week is Serenity Seven and the intent of that piece is to help us create serenity in our body and souls so we can be better suited for todays confusion and distractions. We recorded this at 396 htz.... which is one of the Solfeggio Frequencies. This particular frequency deals with the Liberation of Fear and Anxiety, so it was a good match for what we were going after. This is a free download, so feel free to give it a listen.

Because this is an instrumental piece, we use different techniques to implant the intention of serenity. This has been a very effective technique we use in our instrumentals. I hope you will find this piece as relaxing and serene as we have....... enjoy.......peace432

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