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Written & Musical

Written and musical blogs on life, music, and change 


Making a Difference in Men's Lives
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Podcast of real men discussing real topics making a real difference 

“Now is the time to
 break the cycle, to do what we have learned to do, to be who we are. 
Now is the time to learn what we have been taught by teaching what we have learned,
to reveal ourselves and thereby receive revelation, to empty ourselves so that we have space to receive; to give away what we have learned in order to learn what we have to give, to risk saying,
'I am a perfect child of a perfectly loving God who wants me to be happy, joyous, and free.'
Now is the time.”

-Michael Hull
Sun Dancing-
A Spiritual Journey on the Red Road

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  Stan's Bio

My Journey

My Story

“Music is not only my passion,
it is my gateway to my creativity
and my life’s energy.”

There is a reason that my given name is Stanhope. The meaning of my name Stan is “the Rock”……so I am the Rock of Hope. HOPE to me is Having Opportunities Present Everywhere. It’s my name, it’s my life, and it is my story.

I play guitar, hand drums, percussion, bass guitar, keyboard, sing, as well as write, record and produce my own and others music...(cont.)


Songs from the Heart

My Music

Music is my life blood. Each one one of my CDs is a story about my journey. On every CD, I have told the story behind why it was written. Lyrics are available for each tune also to further tell the story.

As I write in my blogs, I believe our words shape our lives and so does our music. In my journeys, I have heard from many people how sharing my healing helps them on their healing journey.......and that is my hope with my music...(cont.)

432 Peace Project

Changing the World,
One Song At A Time​

Healing With Sound

In my studies of sound healing and human behavior, I am a believer in the power of words, affirmations, and the daily messages to ourselves.  So with this in mind, we combined these behavioral changes with the power of frequencies and have created these musical blogs that are filled with positive affirmations, intent and pathways to change…… all capturing Bruce’s and my journeys, our experiences, life lessons, and wisdom that we have gathered along the way..(cont.)

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