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Everything is Connected


An all original rock and roll jam band...All CDs are available here

Warren Haynes and Govt Mule are one of the world's finest rocking Jam bands... For up to date Live Recordings - click here

A Rock and Roll Jam band with a kozmic flair for the unexpected.

One of today's premiere Jam bands with incredible melodies and intricate writing.

Houston's premier recording studio. Paul Cox Owner/Recording Engineer.

A young Marcus King leads a fiery band of American Roots Music... Warren Haynes produced their latest CD...."he is the most natural guitar player since Derek Trucks..."

Sound & Frequencies

One of the world's experts on Sound Healing.  For CDs or more information click here

An informative web site on frequencies, vibrations, 432 Hz, 528 Hz, and other useful sound healing information.

A great resource on spirituality and health practices.  Great information on affirmations and intent.

Out of the box thinking that creates progressive ideas.  Great article on 528 Hz Frequency and all its miracles.

The Sound Healing Center is run by David Gibson and is the ultimate resource of sound healing, sound healing therapies, as well as sound healing research.  Also, a great store with many healing items.

Horoscopes, Life, and Humor

Premier Astrologist and his amazingly accurate astrological readings.  I have followed him for over 10 years.

Houston's premier wedding and entertainment DJ with multiple awards and recognition for excellence.

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