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 Bruce and Stanhope

Reflect on Their Journey

in Forming

 432 Peace Project

Bruce: “We met at the very edge of adulthood in the seventh grade and soon became fast friends. We mangled small motorcycles, played sports, looked at girls more than we spoke to them and learned to be insulting, cynical, and sullen (ah those exuberant hormones of puberty!)”

Stan“I remember meeting Bruce shortly after he transferred into school. He was a tall blond lanky dude that absolutely was a natural athlete…..especially basketball. These were the pre music days I guess, because once the music started, it was what shaped everything.”

Bruce: “The common thread we found that was most influential and powerful was music. We played together on occasion because one had bought a guitar because the other had a guitar. Time, other interests, the end of our schooling set us on different pathways for many years. We met on occasion usually over music, little did we know that a high school reunion would renew our friendship and put us into a musical collaboration, the likes of which neither of us had ever imagined. Much to our surprise, both of us had been on a very similar spiritual journey where music was the nucleus.”

Stan: “I had not seen Bruce in a while and it was our 20th high school reunion that we put together a band for the reunion that was comprised of guys that either Bruce or I had played with. That was a blast and a HUGE hit at the reunion. I could tell at that time, Bruce and I loved to jam. We made a few attempts to connect musically but it was not yet to be…..I had to go on my musical journey so we could connect at another high school reunion years later.”

Bruce: “It had been a quest of spiritual awakening, self awareness and the releasing of negative things of the past. It has turned both of us in a completely different direction in our lives. After spending much of our earlier lives pursuing sex, drugs and rock and roll, but here we sought peace, love , joy, healing health and divine being. Into this we channeled music with intent and purpose to bring healing and awakening to the rest of the world.”

Stan: “Years later…. another reunion…..yet this time Bruce and I were both at a point in our lives where we were ready to explore this level of sound healing. So after the reunion we started to get together and record some jams which turned into our 432 Peace Project. My best friend and also a high school friend of Bruce, Robert Brown, became part of our sessions. Even though he did not play an instrument, his energy helped Bruce and I hone our crafts and explore this space of writing original music combined with healing frequencies. This has always been my dream, and it is now happening.”

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