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432 Peace Project

Saving The World, One Song at a Time




everything AS A NAIL

-Abraham Maslow

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Welcome to The 432 Peace Project with Stan and Bruce

Welcome to The 432 Peace Project with Stan and Bruce

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May the Love and Light, find its way
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432 -6389
432 -6355
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432 -6282
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Bruce Mic-
The 432 Peace Project  is a musical and a spiritual journey to write and record healing frequencies and songs.  Bruce Sallee and myself started this venture in 2015 with the lofty goal to change the song at a time.  We use sound, frequencies, affirmations and a creative flair to create these healing pieces of music.
Bruce is a fifth generation artist and musician who I went to high school with 40 years ago and destiny brought us together at our high school reunion when, along with a few other classmates, we put together a band from our class and played at our reunion. 
Both being musicians and students of sound healing, we started to create these musical pieces that were tuned to certain frequencies known for healing.  In my studio, we started to record live and capture these songs and learned how to construct these pieces so we could combine the healing frequencies plus the intent of the piece. 
In my studies of sound healing and human behavior, I am a believer in the power of words, affirmations, and the daily messages to ourselves.  So with this in mind, we combined these behavioral changes with the power of frequencies and have created these musical blogs that are filled with positive affirmations, intent and pathways to change…… all capturing Bruce’s and my journeys, our experiences, life lessons, and wisdom that we have gathered along the way.
Taking a page from one of my teachers and sound healer extraordinaire, Jonathan Goldman, we use this basic formula and our ideas to create all of our musical pieces…..whether they are more frequency specific, songs, chakra chants, or healing frequencies.

Frequency + Intent = Sound Healing

The concept of intent is that the energy that is created from intent, combined with the frequency, creates the consciousness we are projecting when we create these healing pieces of music.    The use of “intention” to heighten sacred sounds is found in every spiritual path
in the history of this planet.
In the Songs & Frequencies section,
you will find our healing music and we have offered two of the pieces
for you to download FREE.  
Thank you Jonathan Goldman for all the sound breaking work you
have done and the gifts of healing shared with us all

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

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