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Musician/Songwriter/Producer/Life Coach

“Music is not only my passion,it is my gateway to my creativity and my life’s energy.”

My Journey

There is a reason that my given name is Stanhope. The meaning of my name Stan
is “the Rock”…… so I am the 
Rock of Hope. 
HOPE to me is Having Opportunities Present Everywhere. It’s my name, it’s my life, and it is my story.

I have been a musician all of my life.  I play guitar, hand drums, percussion, bass guitar, keyboard, sing, as well as write, record and produce my own and others music. Music is not only my passion, it is my gateway to my creativity and my life’s energy. Music is my metaphor for life ……. to teach and to learn. My songs are my musical blogs.

I had the fortune to study under an assortment of teachers, mentors, artists, musicians, and highly creative souls. One of which was artist, classical guitarist, and world renowned violinist Maestro David Baquero, himself a student of the classical guitarist Andres Segovia. What started out as classical guitar lessons turned into a rare life changing study of the life of a world class musician. David taught me how music and life were reflections of each other.

I also worked with author and innovator Rolf Smith, founder of The School of Innovators and the Virtual Thinking Expeditions, and attended the Creative Problem Solving Institute of New York, assisting in conducting workshops in the field of creative expression. Rolf taught me how to think outside the box and how to welcome our differences. He was one of the first mentors in my life that encouraged the musician in me to blossom and to explore.

I have also had the privilege to be involved with The Mankind Project for over 10 years where I studied men’s coaching and growth work from various teachers on how to live in integrity, to have accountability, and to take care of myself emotionally and spiritually.  This is reflected in the music I write.

I have also had the pleasure of studying Sound Healing with world renown sound expert Jonathan Goldman and learned how sound and music are the core of who we are and how we live our lives. I also got to study under world class drum facilitator Arthur Hull and learned about drumming and it’s metaphorical similarities to our rhythms and vibrations.

I am the co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist for the band The Rafters and have co-produced and written the music for four (4) CDs of our original material.  Prior to playing with The Rafters, I produced two (2) CDs with the band Railroad Gin
for whom I was  guitarist and songwriter for ten years.
I am currently in all original music project called Kozmic Cowboy with Glen Kozielec, Rick Thompson, Jay Burton, Bruce Sallee and Hans Bohlmann. In 2016 we released our debut CD called Kozmic Cowboy with a great assortment of rock & roll tunes with heavy overtones of jamming and creative expression. We released in 2020 our follow up CD called Karma with 14 new tracks of all original Kozmic Cowboy    
rock and roll.  We are always writing new music and covering new territory.

I am also working currently on a project called 432 Peace Project, based on the tuning of 432 Htz. and various other specific healing frequencies.  I am working with artist/musician Bruce Sallee and we are crafting original tunes where all instruments are tuned to 432 Htz  or specific healing frequencies and are based on the sound healing principles learned from Jonathan Goldman of frequency + intent = sound healing.  More detail in the 432 Peace Project section.

Bands are like restaurants…..most close after one year and they deal with creative individuals that are known to have trouble collaborating. My bands and the bands and artists that I have worked with, have stayed together longer and been successful in creating a collaborative, nurturing, and creative environment.

I am a voting member of The Recording Academy and honored to vote each year with my daughter Kelsey, who has been my musical voting partner since the first year I voted. I love the Recording Academy as it is a huge proponent and tireless defender of musician’s rights.  Musicians are in a huge change curve on how our music is produced, recorded, and distributed.

As a solo artist, I also write, produce, record, and play on my CDs of all original music. My first CD, Flyin’ Blind, was a product of obtaining my studio engineering training at 226 Recordings with Paul Cox. My project was to record, mix and master a song…..I did a 7 song CD of all my original songs. I built Hope Studios in 2012 and was able to incorporate my song writing/producing with my recording engineering training. My latest solo project was Beautiful Mirror….12 songs, 18 musicians, 3 studios, 10 different instruments ….. my biggest project to date…..and in my judgment, my best.

I have worked and am working with musicians such as Jake Dalton, Krissi Minten, William Cheek, Polecat Rodeo, Glen Kozielic, Bruce Sallee, Rick Thompson, and others to help organize, produce, co-write, and/or record their original music. Bringing my love for people and music together with the power connection and hope….that is what is important to me.

I was one of those kids who were told early on that music would not be the way I make their living, it would be just for fun. So I took the route of business for the first part of my life. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Texas Christian University and have completed 30 hours of Graduate Courses in Educational Psychology at the University of Houston. I am a certified Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory Consultant and hold a Texas Real Estate Brokers License and have more than 25 years of experience in real estate, both commercial and residential. 

I have been coaching and mentoring men for the last 15 years.  I work with men on relationships, accountability, life direction and meaning, as well as other topics that get in the way of their life's purpose.  Music has been a great bridge and metaphor for my life coaching.

I am the father of two incredibly beautiful adult daughters as well as my beautiful grand children..... Stella Hope, Henry Tran, and Bo....who teach me every day about love, faith and hope. I am married to my best friend who is also a talented artist, illustrator, and writer ( I am a lifelong student of human behavior and best describe myself with this quote from Picasso:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do
in order to learn how to do it.”  

– Namaste
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