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One of my mentors that I have mentioned numerous times, Rolf Smith, used to tell me that I should look back down the road sometimes just to see how far I’ve come. Not to live in that spot, yet to nurture myself on how far I’d come because believe me, without looking back, I swear I am doing wind sprints in mud sometimes.

This was probably in my subconscious when this song got written. This song was a joint effort between myself, Gordon and Randy and was the product of a night of just jamming for ideas……we’ll the main hook in this one came from that session and so did a lot of the words. Gordon and I have a song writing relationship where we each give each other lots of leaway … with this song Gordon started the lyrics and I put it all together with the last half of the song. Randy…..well Randy is just a lick genius and always comes up with the right thing at the right time…….one BIG reason he is on my CD.

The deeper meaning for this song though is what I talked about earlier…..looking back down the road and acknowledging how far I have been and honoring that part of me that did a lot of work to get to where I am today. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would write, record, mix and master my own CD with incredible artist being on the CD because they want to be involved. So I am honoring that part of myself……..I have come a long way.

Interestingly enough, my inner critic wants to jump in and say “Yeah buddy, and you got a long way to go.” Today I look at that critic differently and realize it is really the part of me that wants to help me by not raising the bar too high, so I won’t fail again. I also know today that that part of me does not lead my life anymore, and I am choosing the part that says……”Guess what, you have a long time ahead of you to create music, heal, and to make a difference in this world.”…….I’ll take that version.

Long Way

Headed on a trip , very far from home,

Take the road with me, don’t leave me here alone,

I asked you long ago, what you want to see,

Take the journey with me, put your faith in me,

I’m a long way_____ long way____ from home,

We’ve stayed together, when the others dropped away,

If they don’t know us, they ain’t got much to say,

Over the bridge we walk, side by side,

Having fun, doin’ right and enjoying the ride,

I’m a long way_____ long way___ from home,

Long way from the highway,

Long way from life,

Long way from where I was,

I’ve come a long way this time

Letting go of things that never worked for me at all,

Listening to my heart, dreamin big ,standing tall,

An opportunity for trust and hope my friend,

Is absolutely Sweet Marie, cryin in the wind,

I’m a long way_____ long way___ from home,

The future is wide open for a man in motion now,

When the lost is found, the circle comes around

Out beyond the place we know as safe,

We’re all changing, we’re on our way,

I’m a long way_____ long way____ from home,

I’m a long way_____ long way____ from home,

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