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Landscaping ??

The 432 Peace Project is a project to create and record healing pieces of music that have helped Bruce and I on our journey to learn to let go and to embrace why we are on this planet.

The overriding theme that keeps coming up over and over is "I am enough". I thought that we had thoroughly covered that subject....although it keeps raising its head, as if to say....not yet.

So the journey continues. We keep exploring and writing and in the process a great story surfaced on when "I am good enough" stepped forward for Bruce.

After high school, Bruce was speaking with one of his mentors/art teachers, Mr.Pat Foley.

They were discussing which types of art that Bruce was going to explore as his main expression. Bruce told Mr. Foley that lately he had been painting landscapes....for which Mr. Foley responded..."Landscapes..???....You know there are literally millions of landscape painters out there?"

So Bruce, uncharacteristically responded with "Do you know how much I don't care?." Much to his surprise, instead of a rebuke, Mr. Foley responded with...."That a boy!"...... He was waiting for Bruce to step into his power and claim that he was good enough .... no matter how many artist painted landscapes...he was good enough and did not worry about any "competition".

These are the times in our lives where we claim our power and know instinctively that we are enough.... good enough..... to forge ahead with what we came on this planet for. Bruce and I came together to share our music as that is what the piece below, I am Enough 285 htz, is about.

Enjoy and when you listen, let the good enough part of you embrace the good enough part of the music and let go..... until next time..... peace432

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