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Day of Love

As they say "Welcome to the western calendar's designated Day of Love". Who really cares if this is a designated marketing driven Day of Love....its a Day of Love. As one of my astrologers said "Anything that gets us to focus on what we care about and what they mean to us, gets my vote'"

Love is pretty simple once you break it down. All the complications come with too much thinking and not enough feeling and being present. As I have gotten older, what I have found is that connection comes in many different ways and there are many paths to the greater good. So I love a day of love to refocus my emotions on what is important to me. That is the value to me of having a "designated Day of Love".

I have a ritual with my screenshots that whenever my clock shows 7:11 (twice a day) and I open my phone I take a screen shot, which usually these days includes my grand daughter Stella Hope. This pic was a her first birthday and today was a day where I opened my phone at the right time. The significance of 7:11 is a family thing but suffice to say it reminds me of my heritage, where I came from and why I am so it is a special set of numbers in my life.

So instead of the usual flower, candy, jewelry, etc. that I bought into for many years....this year I am participating in World Sound Healing Day. This is where thousands join together on the planet at 12 noon today and tone the sound "AH" for five minutes to project the energy of compassion and love as well as sending a sonic Valentines to our precious Mother Earth. This makes a difference when this many people focus on love and compassion and sent that energy out to the planet.....we need this....I need this. So that is now my Valentines Day ritual and I love it.

If you are interested, at noon (wherever you are) you can log on and follow the prompts to participate in sending healing love to our planet on our official Day of Love. My goal is to make every day a Day of Love...... Happy Valentines Day.!!!!

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