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Survivor Guilt.....Healing the Planet

There was a certain group of people, which I was one of, that when asked "How did you do in the storm?".... the answer was " we did OK, we stayed dry and no flooding."

Unfortunately, a lot of the people I knew and talked to could not say this..... so I had this strange feeling of guilt come over me as if I would be better if everything I had was lost in the storm......crazy thinking....yet to me that was survivor guilt.

What made it worse for me was that we were homebound for days with limited ability for a while to help people. I knew the rains would stop and I would eventually be able to contribute to the healing of the people affected, yet both my wife and I found people to go help immediately and that felt good. I believe we all have a good soul and want to connect and help.

So yesterday I was listening to a podcast by David Gibson on Healing the Planet after these horrific storms and earthquakes we experienced lately. David works in the Sound Healing field and has for many, many years. David, as well as I, believe that when we heal ourselves, we heal the planet and when we heal the planet, we heal ourselves. He also talked about transforming anger into compassion and the consistency of sound in an inconsistent world. He talked about Karma and how it is all about self responsibility and how we deal separation, conflict, and challenges.

Challenges in our life create inconsistencies and chaos and put us in a search for serenity and consistency. This is where sound can help us heal. I have put below a piece of healing music that I created with the 432 Peace Project that helps create a consistent, healing tone that we can lean on when challenges create inconsistencies.

I have found great relief and healing by listening and humming or toning along with these pieces to reset my brain, calm my anxieties, and to create a consistency in my life I need to heal and move past Survivor Guilt and step into the phase life will bring. Relax and give this a listen...peace

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