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Change Happens in a Second...

Just when I thought that nothing could shake my world, here comes Stella Hope. Wow what an incredible little girl. My daughter Madison and son in law Andy, had this beautiful girl on Feb 1, six days before my birthday. Yes, she is an Aquarius, just like her grandfather. I could tell from the first picture, she is going to change my life in more ways than I know.

I know that I am not the first or last grandfather, and hopefully all the ones before me and all the ones after me will and will have known the absolute joy I am experiencing. I have some sadness in that they are in Dallas and I in Houston..... yet that is only a 3 plus hour trip and MP and I have recently discovered VonLane, a deluxe bus, with wi-fi. They will soon know my name.

Well, Stella Hope here comes Stanhope, your grandfather into your life, but you knew that because just like you chose your parents, you chose to journey through with the music man too..... I can't wait to see you grow up.... you are barely one week old and I have so many photos.... this is going to be fun ride...... I love you Stella Hope!!!

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