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Eyes of the World

This is one of the lyrics of one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, Eyes of the World. I have this picture as my screen saver for a multitude of reasons.

We are the eyes of the world and what we see is a projection of who and what we are. This goes back to the shadows on Plato's cave. It beckons the line...." I turned around and it was me." We are what we see, in fact at some level I believe we create our lives so we can deal with the parts of us that we can't see unless we see it through a projection. It is always easier to see someone else's faults and wonder than it is to see our own.

Since this song is just rich with great lines that apply to how we live our lives.... I thought I would share another line. " Sometimes the songs we hear are just songs of our own." Again, as Ruiz states in his Four Agreements... we are simply mirrors for each other, so don't take anything personally.

The world we live in today is different that the world I grew up with. I know that sounds like an old man statement yet I believe life has changed. I think a lot of the filters that we put in our life are no longer able to stand and we are looking more and more directly at who we are as people.

There is a lot I do not like about what is happening in our country and I realize it is simply a reflection of where we are..... out beyond right and wrong....out beyond good or is just a projection. This is why I keep this on my screensaver.... to wake know that I am the eyes of the world....and to know that the only person I can change is me, and when I do, my reflection will change.....until then..... break out the Dead tapes.

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