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Faith in Myself

When I go back into my pictures to find the appropriate photo for my blog, 90% of all the pictures are either music, family, or healing. So I let the results speak.

This is one of the reasons why I started 432 Peace Project with Bruce Sallee. We wanted to explore how to use music to create opportunities for us and others to heal, celebrate and just have some plain ol fun.

Bruce is an artist and I am a musician and the road we take has risk. Putting our music and art out there is very vulnerable as we open our most precious creative side to inspection. This takes a faith deeply rooted in our ego to be able to rise embrace our vulnerability and to pursue what is in our hearts and souls.

This is best put forth by a story written by Bruce.

"One Friday morning I woke up and couldn.t face another day of that job. I was burnt out, feeling out of control, like my whole life was being dictated by someone and something else. I needed to get somewhere remote, like the desert. So, I thought, "You know I've never been out to Big Bend National Park. I've always wanted to go . Maybe I'll just drive out there and take a look."

So I did. Talk about remote. It took me all day and part of the next to drive across the breadth of Texas to get there. I took my paints and brushes with me. It was early spring, the weather was perfect and there was a full moon. It turned out to be one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. And let me just say there are few things as beautiful as the desert under a full moon.

It was out there while making a few painted sketches of those desert mountains that I discovered I was going to be okay - that I could make the right decisions for myself and my life no matter what other people thought I should be doing."

Enjoy our 432 Peace Project song by the same name.... Faith in Myself. This peace helps cement the faith in us so we can move to the scary risky parts of our lives that will bring the change we want.......namaste........peace

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