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"No Freedom without Love"

I was just talking with a good friend of mine about how we are both sick of all the hate and divisiveness that is out in our world today and how we look forward to the day of a true unifier stepping forward and bringing all these divided parts together.

We reminisced about how we used to discuss topics and now they have been put in corners of extremism where no conversations, just shouting matches, shame and guilt are taking place.

What we realized is that we are both musicians and what we can do everyday is to let our music heal our wounds and hopefully create a stage where unification can start to take place. This week we had another horrible tragedy in Las Vegas and I, as well as others, are searching for the meaning of all of this and what can we do to stop this pain and hurt.

I think as a country we are not only grieving for the loss of lives, we are grieving for a place we know as connection. We are grieving because we are in pain, we are scared and we don't know what to do to stop it. I can feel the frustration and understand the plight of many frustrated and confused people...... I am one of them.

So today I heard this Dido song performed by Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler......and the chorus just floored me:

"No Love without Freedom,

No Love without Freedom,

No Love without Freedom,

No Freedom without Love"


I am grieving the loss of love in this country, I am grieving the loss of connection.....and as another famous musician put it......

" ......all we need is love"......... and hope........ and the healing power of connection ..... no freedom without love!!

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