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The music flows through me for the harmony of all. This was a line that was gifted to me by Jonathan Goldman in my Sound Healing workshop I took a few years ago. I have always felt that was my gift and that I was here to create music and sound that would be healing to the planet.

This was my intention when I wrote the songs for my CD…Flyin Blind. Each song tells a different story of healing and will put energy out in this world to heal and to have hope. I even named my studio Hope Studio and the intention for the studio is “….where anything is possible.”

In the next few weeks, I am going to take each song and share the lyrics and share why I wrote that song and what it means to me and hopefully to people who hear it. Some musicians and artists can be cryptic about what their art is about… intention is to be clear and let the music come through me for the harmony of all. I want people to feel it and to know that anything is possible in their lives if they have faith and hope. Music has always been a unique medium in that it transcends language and enters our being at a primal and spiritual level.

So next week, Be My Rock…….it’s interesting how I love to write about rocks. I love rock and roll, one of my favorite songs that I wrote is called Rock of Hope, and one of my teachers and mentors around music is Rock Romano…….I also love my rocking chairs. So til next week……rock on.

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