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My life has been a series of doors opening and closing…..I just have not always seen when they close or open. This time around, I am awake and am very present to what door is closing and what doors are opening for me.

I just finished my 16 week intensive Sound Engineering course with resounding success. I have always loved music and have always been fascinated with how to record, mix and master……now I know and I am getting really good at it. I am currently talking to other musicians and am going to dive into some juicy projects where I can build my skills and do what I love.

This is an amazing metaphor for my life in so many ways. One of the areas in my life that this affects is how I keep old doors open and never allow myself to see what’s on the other side. It’s like the old book, Who Moved the Cheese……except it is me that keeps going back to areas that have not worked for me at all….. and yet, somehow I think they will.

With a lot of help and support by MP, I have finally stepped out into my musician. I am even going to redo my website. I have and always will be a life coach and even in this work, it is amazing how that serves me. Ever work with a bunch of creative musicians ?????…..sounds fun doesn’t it?……it is AND it is challenging because everyone has a different angle on creativity, wants to be heard and no one….NO ONE likes change unless they want it.

So one door closed and many are opening…..I am ready… me the magic.

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