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It’s hard to believe that 14 weeks have passed since I started my Studio Engineering class. It seems like just yesterday I pulled up to 226 Recording Studio with bag full of expectations and dreams.

Now we have 2 weeks left and I have about completed my project for the class. Our project was to record, mix and master at least one song. Well, being an overachiever and a passionate musician, I did a whole CD with 7 songs that I wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of help along the way, AND this is my baby.

The title of the CD is Flyin Blind and will be available in a month or so. I have picked my one song that I will turn in next week for my final project but the real gold has been able to put this whole CD together with a lot of talented musicians and of course, my teacher Paul Cox, owner and Chief Studio Engineer at 226 Recording Studio. Not only have am I completing this CD, I have also built out my own studio in my back yard and it is fully equipped thanks to Paul’s guiding hand also.

So people have asked me why are you calling this Flyin Blind? Good question…..and my answer is because that is exactly where I am in life. I am at a point where I am not exactly sure of where I am going although it very safe to say it will be all about writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering music. I had no idea how I was going to pull this off yet with faith and hope I was able to do this with a few wonderful surprises along the way… my daughter Kelsey singing one song amazingly well and getting keyboards and violins involved where I never have before. I also got out of my comfort zone and did not record with my band…..I used all new musicians and it was wonderful.

So yes I am flying blind these days and it is a good thing because to fly blind is to have faith and hope in myself and my higher power and to know that everything is going to be OK in the end…..and if it’s not OK it’s not the end. Believe me, I am nowhere near the end of my musical journey….. I have just begun.

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