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I can remember when I was young and I wrote my first song. I must have been around 10 years old or so. I had been listening to my records on my record player and knew at that age that I could write music just like the bands I was listening to. What I didn’t count on was what came next.

I was so proud that I shared with my friends the lyrics to the song that I wrote and they just broke out in laughter. Somewhere in the lyrics was “blow your mind” and they thought that was so funny……. one problem, I didn’t. I was crushed and couldn’t show it, so I just went back inside and decided at that point that writing music was too painful.

This was helped along when I would do anything musical by my Dad letting me know that music was what I could do for fun, but get your business degree and get serious, music was not serious stuff to him…….one problem, I didn’t see it that way.

Life moved on and here I am in my 50’s full blown into music and healing. My dad has still never chosen to hear any of my music or to acknowledge any of my musical talents. …… difference, I did. I have chosen to complete the circle and make music……really good music. If my old neighbors could hear me now…….it would blow their mind.

So I am reaching back and moving forward all in the same verse……this time with feeling and with the intention to complete what I started even before I knew how deep music affected me. It was the same when I learned to play electric guitar at 30 years old……I just knew I could do it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to complete my circle and I now work with men to help them complete their circles and with musicians to realize their circles and complete them with their music.

OK….enough of the blog….I feel a song coming on……see you next week.

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