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Some things just call for a celebration…..and one of them is my daughter Kelsey’s graduation from TCU this past Saturday. Kelsey (class of 2012), her sister Madison (class of 2009), and I (class of 1975) are all graduates of TCU. It was not planned that way and I surely am not the overbearing alumni type…in fact, until my girls went back to TCU, I had not been back to Ft. Worth.

Both of my daughters did considerably better at TCU than I did. I think we all embraced having a good time at school…..mine was just more disproportionate than theirs was (not to mention their GPA was also considerably higher than mine). So we celebrated with some wonderful dinners and a awesome game of beer pong. Fortunately for our opponents, beer pong was not around when I went to school, or they would not have stood a chance. What was fitting is that we set up the table in Kelsey’s garage and mounted on the wall that I was facing was a Will Ferrell Old School poster……spot on. Kelsey was my teammate and we were trying to dethrone Jeff and Buddy….. the champs. Now I guess being a beer pong champ is somewhat of a dubious honor……but it was one we were going after that night.

Since we had a mixed crowd of parents and students at the party, the glasses of beer were only partially filled up or it could have been a Will Ferrell moment. So back to the game.

I found out there is quite a bit of strategy to beer pong other than just putting the ping pong ball in the cup. You can bounce it for doubles and you can swat bounced balls out of the way. You also have other rules that keep the game interesting. Kelsey and I surprised ourselves and came out of the gate strong yet when we got down to the end and we had one cup and they had 3, we couldn’t deliver.

The real fun was just celebrating with my daughter and her friends. There was a few times when the music was going I found myself playing air guitar and remembering how much fun I did have at TCU. I think my parents wanted a better balance but that was not as important to me at the time…I was learning to fly on my own and needed that room to do that. Now it is my turn to give that room to my daughter Kelsey as she flies and hopefully she will remember these times when she is playing beer pong at her daughters or sons graduation.

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