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When I was growing up there were the good guys and the bad guys. It was always in the movies too. The good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black. Life seemed to be that easy back then….good or bad.

As I have grown up I have found that it is not that black and white anymore. Mostly because I think the good/bad and the right/wrong dualities set up an illusion within our culture of shame and blame. I think we live more in the gray, knowing we have both sides in us at all times. I truly wish sometimes it was as easy as wearing a white or black hat to determine what we are.

With all that said, Jeff was “one of the good guys”. What I mean by that is that Jeff had fought his demons all his life, just like me. These demons weren’t always exterior forces …… they were the internal messages we took on when we were younger. One of my favorites growing up was “ I am not good enough”… I worked hard to be good enough and perfect enough where people would love me and accept me. I didn’t know back then that that was all just an illusion…….I was good enough….and so was Jeff.

Jeff did yoga, he meditated, he ate right, he took care of himself physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well or better than most people I know. This brings up another story I tell myself…..if I do all of these things, I will live a long happy, healthy life. Well, it doesn’t always work that way, and I am beginning to see why.

I believe we come on this planet with a mission and sometimes when we are done with our mission, we move on to the next phase of our lives… outside our bodies as we know them. I think this was Jeff’s time to find his next home, his next level of spirituality, his next existence……he was ready, and the only ones that weren’t were us….his friend and his family. We are never ready for that.

Last week I said Rest in Peace Jeff although I realize there is no resting for Jeff. He is on his next adventure and we are all here to learn from passing to live life today and remember “tomorrow is a dangerous assumption.” Be complete each and every day as if it is your last one here on earth….and be ready just like Jeff was…..thank you brother.

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