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I am still in shock and somewhat numb over learning that my friend Zen Rin Jeff Goodman passed away on Saturday night, April 22, 2012. It seems as if I had just talked with him although it has been a month or so since we last talked. With Facebook, I could keep current with him through his postings and pictures.

Jeff was one of those friends that I was not particularly close with, yet somehow we had this spiritual connection. We did not talk often yet somehow he would appear here and there and we would connect with him. MP and I had coffee with him last year when he turned us on to a neat new coffee shop. As I have gotten into yoga, I saw him more often because he had truly committed himself to yoga….just like he did everything else. I so respected his will and was envious of how he gave so much to go after what he wanted.

That is what I remember and honor most about Jeff. Whether it was his meditation retreats, yoga, the Mankind Project, or his children…..he went after it with a gusto that sometimes I feared and sometimes I loved. I remember staffing with him early on the Mankind Project’s warrior weekends and he would raise hell if was not put on the purification team (water pourers) because he was on a spiritual quest and no one was going to stop him. At that point, it looked like whining to me and as I got older and shared with him many years later, it was the early modeling of asking for what you want. That was hard for me because I am a people pleaser.

Jeff is a special man and was a dedicated father who I shared father-daughter stories with and I stood side by side with him on Warrior weekends helping men find their way and live the lives they wanted. I am really missing him today and am really sad for his children loosing their father.

Recently Jeff had quit his job to do yoga full time and was selling his worldly possessions so he could trek through the far east to further his spiritual quest with Qigong. He knew no compromise… he earned the title of Zen Rin through his dedication to his practice and he walked the walk…….so it is only appropriate that he passed away on my mother’s birthday who I lost 2 ½ years ago. RIP Jeffrey…. Guide us with your light and say hello to mom for me.

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