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Where there is Light...

I seem to find great wisdom in some of most interesting places. I have had fortune cookies that have changed my life, and I have had people give me sayings that have made me stop in my tracks and take a big left turn.

One of the best and simplest sayings that I love is “Where there is light…..there is no darkness.” Seems so simple, yet I have spent most of my adult life finding the light to shine on the darker sides of my being. Think about it….if you walk into a room and the room is dark and you turn on the light, you can see everything and all darkness goes away…..makes sense that it would work the same way with our emotional and spiritual journeys.

In fact, darkness is simply the absence of light. Since I believe there are no absolutes, there is always some light in the darkness and some darkness in the light. No matter how deep or unnerving a situation I may be in, there is always a possibility of something inspiring in it somewhere.

So this week, I looked at this through the lens of making my music. Creating, playing, and recording music brings me great, great joy yet I find sometimes that I do not pursue that happiness. Just as I need to open the curtains before I let the sunshine into sheltered spaces, I also have to move some barriers against happiness to let the light shine on what darkness wants to cover.

Between the old messages that I took on about music, and my work to know that I deserve and am suppose to have happiness in my life, I have struggled to let the light really shine on that part of my life. I have also found that if I don’t think I deserve something, then I surely don’t allow myself to enjoy it, even when it is dropped squarely in my lap.

I do deserve my music and my happiness, and I will let my light shine…… the music always heals me so as they say in the song Turn on Your Lovelight……let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

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