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the past few weeks, I have had a lot of change going on, not only with me, but with coaching clients, men in my group, as well as my family. There seems to be one constant I see in this change….. fear to change because we just don’t know what is on the other side.

What I am realizing more every day is how I hold on to certain areas of my life, not because I am thrilled with where I’m at necessarily, as much as I don’t know what change will bring and it may be worse than what I have now. What is interesting is it maybe BETTER that where I am at also, and I have to surrender to faith and trust to find out.

All of this neatly fits in with my dominant left brain critical thinking where I question everything and I think WAY too much. What I realize is that the more I THINK it out, the less faith I have that everything will be OK and that I really don’t determine the outcome. Even though I believe in free will, I also believe that our unconscious will guide us a lot better is if I can just…….let go. Here we go again, back at square one…..letting go. As my friend and co facilitator Eduardo said….sometimes “I just don’t know…..and it’s OK.”

I have recently really been writing a lot of original music with some different friends and it seems the more I write and the less I worry about what I am going to write…..beautiful songs and melodies start emerging. Gordon even asked me the other day… “Where in the hell do you get all these ideas?” They just come and keep coming. So I think there is a great piece there for me to trust.

If I get out of my way and trust and keep doing what I love, change will happen naturally. If I think about it too much, I get hung up in my ego, my fear, and my resistance to change increases dramatically. My horoscopes lately talked about the Tarot card character “The Fool” and how it was his favorite card because the fool wanders through life not thinking about too much ….he just is a spirit in search of experience known for his crazy wisdom and for taking action where the circumstances are unknown. I wonder what he thinks about letting go.

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