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Sometimes my biggest gifts come in the smallest packages…….meet my buddy Colten. Colten is the grandson of my friend (and bass player in my band, The Rafters) David Petry. I met Colten a few years ago and he has been a gift to me in so many ways, the biggest is how he sees the world.

Colten is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy, yet you would never know that by his attitude. He loves life, horses, music, his grandfather and most of all he LOVES The Rafters. He has memorized all of our songs and even has his favorites. Colten loves to sing and he sings with more passion than anyone I have seen. He has never met a microphone that he doesn’t like. He will sing you his favorite song in a heartbeat and LOVES to sing with grandfather. To see them sing together is a true heartwarming experience.

This past week I had a session with Kay Vogel who is a colorpuncturist, coach, and gifted healer. She was running a test for me on her GDV machine that measures physical as well as emotional status. Physically I was great and emotionally I had some real issues. Long story short my work is to do the things in life that make me happy….. that even showed up in my horoscope this year. My first reaction was to minimize this feedback because it would not be the responsible thing to do. If the advise was to focus more on my coaching, or work on my relationship with my father I would not have blinked and eye…..just done it……but do the things in life that make me happy……I was already feeling the guilt.

What does this have to do with Colten? Everything. Everyday he wakes up and does what makes him happy. He sings everyday and could care less if it’s in tune because he is happy. He grabs the mic when David sets up his DJ setup and asks everyone if they are having fun……because he is. When our band plays he dances right in front of us and sings every song word for word and could care less who is watching or what they are saying….because he is having a BLAST.

So Colten asked, now that he has his new guitar, if he could become a member of the Rafters and we are going to make him a member….because that makes ME happy. Thank you Colten.

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