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Jitter is a controversial and widely misunderstood phenomenon. In fact, agreeing on a definition has been a challenge to the author of my Modern Recording Techniques textbook. So what is jitter?

Jitter is a time-based error that is caused by having time delays in the circuit path of the components in a recording studio setup. In simpler terms, jitter is when two components get out of synch that can be caused by different situations. Why is this important to me in my life? (other than the actual studio consequences)

My stories are about things that happen in my life and how and why they are important to me. Jitter is a great analogy for my life. Jitter, or this unwanted distortion, is caused when certain parts of my life are not in synch. So I thought this was very applicable to where I am and what I am doing as I travel down my path of healing, sound and music.

What I also understand about jitter is that it is almost entirely impossible to have no jitter. Jitter only becomes an issue when it shows up as an audible error….or an error that we can hear. As with my life, jitter is always present. My work is to stay aligned (integrity) and connected with the parts of me that serve me for my highest and best use and to also recognize the parts of me (awareness) that do not serve me and to create filters (boundaries) that help me keep my focus (attention) on my path.

So once more music and sound helps provide me with the metaphors that help me see myself clearly……..kind of makes me feel like dancing…… to the jitter….bug.

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