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For as long as I can remember, I have always been asking why? I always have had a perpetually inquiring mind. As fascinating as that may seem, it also is very frustrating at times. As soon as I would get an answer to the first why, then I would wonder why that was the answer….quite a loop.

One of the great processes that always made sense to me was one that was introduced to me by Rolf Smith called “The 5 Whys”. The process was to ask why and when the answer was given, ask why again and so on until you have asked why 5 times. The purpose is to get underneath the first or second answer and really see what is there. It is meant as a tool to think differently and it works great. It was like an old shoe to me…..I had been asking why for years.

Today when I was looking at my horoscope, there was a special video on the four elements and what sign correlated to each element…… water, earth, fire and air. I am an Aquarian and I am an air sign. What was said was “Air signs are fascinated with why? They are perpetually asking why and when given the answer, they want to know why that is the answer.” It stopped me in my tracks. One more confirmation that I am exactly who I should be. Asking why can also be frustrating because I live with a continual vacuum in my life because sometimes the question of why cannot be answered…….and you know nature abhors a vacumm.

The blessing of this came to me at the end of the video when he talked about the wonder of why. Why helps created pioneers, visionaries, and opens up ground that has never been discovered. This is also my life and helps me understand why it is important for me to create my own path and not just follow what has been laid out before me. Being a visionary and a pioneer can be a lonely place sometimes and yet so rewarding when I can realize I am creating fertile ground for creativity, new directions, and opportunities for growth. So I wonder, why I am an air sign?

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