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The only thing certain about uncertainty is that it is uncertain. Don’t you just love circular talk….it drives me crazy…..just like uncertainty. Welcome to my world. For years I have operated on the message that I should be clear and certain to where I am going and how I am going to get there…….what are my goals?…….clarity gives power……focus and be clear…..don’t sit on the fence……quit being indecisive.

All of these messages are good and certainty is wonderful. What I am learning to embrace is uncertainty. I have operated for years that I “should” have the answer and if I didn’t….go get it… fact, on more than one occasion, if I did not know, I made it up…..all for the sake of certainty.

Being uncertain, being still, listening……all these concepts are rooted heavily in stress for me and I heard a wonderful metaphor this week about these that really hit home. When a bug gets trapped in a spider web, the more he moves the more entangled he gets. This is very similar for certainty and uncertainty … the more I move toward certainty, the more entangled I get in what direction I am wanting to go. My work is to create space with uncertainty and to be able to be still long enough to listen and recognize opportunities that if I was too focused I would not see.

So here comes the great question “What is at risk for me to be uncertain?” To be able to hold that space long enough to see different options so I can change in ways I never knew possible. I would have to dare to drift in the sea of uncertainty and not knowing and have faith that everything is OK and will work out just the way it suppose to. That is a stretch for me. It reminds me of one of my favorite Life is Good shirts that says “All who wander are not lost.”……I couldn’t have said it better myself unless they want a shirt that says “Dare to Drift.”

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