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When a topic keeps popping up with me over and over again, I realize that I need to do some more work on whatever keeps coming up. The synchronicity of the universe works that way for me. It’s as if there are many mirrors out there for me to see my opportunities to change.

One of the biggest areas of change in my life is around compassion. I believe that I am a compassionate man and being a Life Coach gives me many opportunities to work on it. There are times when I find myself getting irritated with someone or some issue and my first response is to project out on them by wanting them to fix their problem, so I will quit being triggered.

Compassion is like forgiveness for me. I have to constantly remind myself that if I am forgiving or being compassionate, it is about how I am treating myself not about letting someone else off the hook or saying what they are doing is right or wrong. Compassion is about me seeing myself in others and truly understanding what they are going through. That is why I love this week’s quote so much. We are all fighting some sort of battles every day, whether it is about money, relationships, health, or our family, it doesn’t matter, they are all struggles and we all have them.

A great story illustrating compassion is about a man on a subway with his children who are running wild up and down the aisles. A passenger who was bothered by these kids tells the man that he needs to control his kids as they are bothering him. The man apologizes and explains that they just learned that their mother had died and they don’t know what to do. You can only imagine that the other passenger not only wanted his words back, he also probably wanted to hug those kids and their father and show them his compassion…… kind to others, we are all fighting battles every day.

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