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My lessons in life come in weird and wacky ways sometimes….other times they are right in front of me. I especially like the “wake up” messages that come repeatedly before I get the BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious). That is what happened with this lesson.

This lesson is about opposites, duality, and building versus fixing. My most recent lesson came in my yoga class from my instructor Robert Boustany. I was recently told what a maverick he is in the yoga field and I am starting to understand why. Ever since I was in yoga (before Robert) we did a lot of moves or poses to stretch certain muscles. When I got to his class, it was not about the stretching so much as it was finding the opposing muscle and building it up to release the other muscle groups that I have been working on stretching for some time now. In other words, if I want to make my hamstrings (back of leg) stretch, then I need to build my quadriceps (front of leg) up so they can help the hamstrings release. Interestingly enough, this made great sense to me because of a previous lesson I learned about sound….and it’s working.

In sound healing, if I have too much of one frequency, the only way I can reduce that frequency is by finding the opposing frequency and building it up. There is no way to reduce that frequency on its own, it’s impossible. This is the same concept. This also works with emotional work. If I am in fear, I can’t just reduce my fear, I need to go to the opposing emotion of joy and increase it. With more joy there is less fear. The same can be said about faith. This is where the saying “where there is light, there is no darkness” comes from.

This has become a very powerful lesson for me as it is a lot easier for me to concentrate on what is wrong in my life versus spending time on what I want in life. Focusing on the negative is just like stretching muscles, it builds them up and makes them stronger. So my journey is to find the opposing muscles in my life and build them up so I can release the other muscles that I have been working diligently on stretching……except I was making them stronger…….right idea…..just the opposite.

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