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For years I have been a big fan of sayings such as “whether you think you can or you can’t….you’re right.” I get attracted to sayings that give me the power to make a choice for how I want to live my life. Even before I knew what I know now, I have always somehow known it is my choice and I can create the life I want or not.

Last night in my men’s group that I facilitate with my partner Eduardo, we talked about compassion. I shared with them an article where scientist and western medicine is starting to find evidence that compassion not only can make your life happier (i.e. Dalai Lama), it can make your life healthier….physically. It was interesting to see all the different takes on what compassion was and how it showed up or not in these men’s lives. The one common thread was that we all have a challenge being compassionate to ourselves.

This week I ran across and interesting play on words that really resonated with me. It was in the same compassion vein and was talking about how when I find myself in my neurosis (fear and anxiety) that I can re imprint in myself the term “new roses”. I loved it and it fits in with my belief that our functions and dysfunctions are here to stay…..what we need is tools to deal with them…….and this was a great tool.

So today I looked up Roses and found they are not only the beautiful flower we all know, but the essential oil from the rose is used to create love and beauty in our lives by opening our hearts. Looks like I found a winner. That is why I chose Carlos Castaneda’s quote for my blog because when I say “new roses” I am choosing happiness, love and compassion over the misery of anxiety …… and the good news is it’s not any more work……..just different.

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