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Some days are just better than others. Yesterday was just such a day. I never saw it coming and am still wondering why.

I am stepping into a long time want of mine to have my own home recording studio. I have always wanted to record and never allowed myself the freedom or the money to do so. Now is the time. I have been working on recording with my friend Jason and he is encouraging me to create my system so we both can have systems. I can now move files to him or him to me, and I can take my files to Rock to mix or to work on and Jimmy and I can work on our sound healing work. The common denominator is Pro Tools.

So to learn Pro Tools, I took Jason’s suggestion and called Rock to help me to determine the right equipment to buy and to teach me about Pro Tools. I am the kind of guy who loves teachers versus looking up the directions……I’ve always worked better that way.

I had an appointment with Rock yesterday to come over to his studio to start our process. He called me about an hour before and told me that we might have an interruption because Lyle Lovett was coming by to redo his vocal parts for a CD Rock is recording for Eric Taylor that Lyle is playing on. Are you kidding me? Do I mind if we get interrupted to meet Lyle Lovett and hear him re record his singing part literally feet in front of me while I watch?

It happened just like that. I got to spend 2 ½ hrs while Rock rerecorded Lyle’s parts. It was just the three of us there for the entire time. Lyle was the nicest, most gracious man and he worked hard for Eric because he covers his songs and respects him and that is the way the music business should work. At one point when Rock had to step out, I had 10 minutes with Lyle one on one and told him about my band and how I knew Rock and we just talked shop and it was GLORIOUS. He even brought in some of his new unreleased cuts of his new CD he wanted Rock to hear. When he left he shook our hands and was on his way for his tour with John Hiatt, inviting us both to call him to see the show in Galveston. Unfortunately, I will be out of town, yet the invitation was enough for me.

After Lyle left, Rock told me that many years ago Lyle had opened up for his band Dr. Rockit and the Sisters of Mercy and he never got to talk to him and how thrilled he was to finally get to connect with him. This is why I love music so much……..the thrill is never gone.

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