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What I find amazing is how I can say something for years and not even be aware of what I am saying. I am continually amazed at the power of our language. For years I have used the expression “Knock ‘em dead” as an expression of encouragement. Never once did I stop to really realize what I was saying before one day I heard Stan Goss say “Knock ‘em alive.” That was a real wake-up call for me.

Stan was one of the men who brought the New Warrior Training Adventure to Houston and was one of the founders of the Houston chapter of the Mankind Project. He is now is a very successful executive coach, speaker, and author. Stan’s message is for us has always been to “WAKE UP” and to be aware of how we are living our lives. Until I met Stan, I had never paid much attention to my words and was saying things everyday that were not in line with how I wanted to live my life.

So as change always happens with me, in an instant, I woke up and have now adapted Stan’s slogans and words and use them regularly as I am now aware of what I am saying. My words and my language are important and are the core of how I connect and express myself. When I tell someone to “knock ‘em alive” now, I am really aware that I am inviting them to wake up and to help others do the same.

So here is my language: I have a rich and full life, I am awake, and every day I make a choice to “Knock ‘em alive” with love, compassion, and joy………now that feels good.

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