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Sometimes the best perspective is not always the most obvious one. I have recently relearned how important giving space is to gaining perspective. In Shadow Work, Cliff Barry teaches that when someone is doing their work, if we can physically get them away from what is going on in their process, they gain a whole new perspective. Because I am a connector, I tend to want to get in too close and I miss the perspective space gives me.

As I have shared before, my gifted artist, illustrator, writer girlfriend, MP, draws me a picture every morning and hangs it on the breakfast room wall right below a needlepoint angel that I got from my mother. It has become a very important ritual to me and I love every morning looking to see what she has done for me that day. Most days are cool drawings with love or support messages, all of which hit the spot and are important to me. Some days she really hits the bulls eye, just like she did today when she posted on the wall the picture for this blog with the quote “Step away from the anthill and you may discover your own path.” I was frozen in my tracks…..this was dead on for me… did she know what to draw that day?….was she camping in my brain?

This is exactly what I have been doing lately to create space in my life for how to take my career and life forward. I know that I love what I do AND I know there is more……a lot more. I am also working with a coach myself now to explore how that might look and how can live my life to create the open focus that enables me to see clearly from a distance AND be right there.

I have spent many years owning and accepting me….just as myself. I know sometimes I get so close that I can’t see the forest because of the trees and now I am learning to give myself some space in life so I can discover my own paths and see all the gifts that I have. This week, thanks to my coach, I am doing some extra nurturing as I step away from the anthill.

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