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My mother passed away two years ago this November and we finally got her house on the market about 2 months ago. She has a wonderfully located townhome in the Galleria area and I knew once we got it listed, the right buyer would come along. We even buried a St. Joseph in the front yard, a fail-safe method I have used for years.

Well, they did, but little did I know they weren’t the right buyer, in fact they weren’t the buyer at all. I just found out yesterday that what they really wanted was to buy the house at a “fire sale” price, not the price they had agreed to in the contract. They used the Option period to position us with lots of “repair” items and when we countered, fixing the biggest, they still wanted the “fire sale” price. I was hugely disappointed, which in my language is that I was angry and scared.

I had done my work to let go of this house and all the memories, dealt with my brothers who also had their issues around selling the house, had the house cleaned, primed and ready to sell. I was angry because I gave them time and trusted that they were working in good faith, and I was scared because for a few moments after the sale fell through, I blew it and thought that we will never sell this house and should we have taken the “fire sale” price.

What I realized is that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so there must be a reason for why this happened like this. I also realize I cannot control the outcome and I must let go and show up the best I can every day…….letting go and having faith. My girlfriend said that this might have been a “dress rehearsal” because selling the house has more tentacles attached than me or my brothers ever thought.

I have learned patience, compassion, and understanding from this process and as I get the townhome ready to be put back on the market…….I am also readying myself for the real thing this time….maybe this was one of those “Mom” lessons, she always had a way of disguising her lessons…..thanks Mom.

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