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Is it Fear or Anxiety?

Two of the most powerful emotions and I always thought they were the same feeling.....I don't believe that any more. Why is this so important to me? For a couple of reasons, first of all, I deal with anxiety regularly and if I treat it like fear, it never subsides. Second, as we have moved ahead with The 432 Peace Project, we have selected frequencies to match up with intentions to help bring balance to certain areas of our lives. Interestingly enough, in Chinese Medicine fear is treated through the Kidney and its meridians and Anxiety is dealt with through the Spleen. So two different energies. We created a song called Serenity Seven that is an instrumental healing peace to give us serenity in the face of anxiety. The big difference between anxiety and fear is fear is when you are looking and facing danger.....anxiety is when we worry or make up these ever repeating stories about what will happen if......!! Serenity Seven has wonderful calming and engaging energy that helps me calm my anxieties.

What I have found is that in treating my anxieties, it clears a path for me to look at my fears as I remove the paralyses and can see more clearly what I am facing in life. Breathing, learning to stop my monkey mind, and learning to know what is real and what is an illusion were the intentions we put in this musical piece. Thanks for checking it out..... all our different Healing Frequency Pieces, Healing Songs, and Solfeggio Frequency Pieces are all available on my website .......peace.

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