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"I am so grateful every day for the choices that I have."....... this is the opening line to our 432 Peace Project song about ....... you got it...... choices. This may be the single most important topic that we have written about..... so important we had two special musical guests stop by and lend some of their musical prowess to the piece.......thank you Glen Kozielic and Rick Thompson.

Why is choice so important? Great question...... It is my belief that all we have are our choices. I believe in free will and I think we choose according to what we want, need, or dislike. It goes back to pain or pleasure....... we either choose to gain pleasure or to get rid of pain......and its my belief that pain is stronger than least where it concerns how we choose. In other words, I think our biggest choice is how we avoid pain.

Accepting that I have a choice ALL the time is where the rubber meets the road for me. It is easy to have choices when the choices are easy. Yet when the choices get tough, how do we deal with them? It gets a lot more difficult when both choices are attractive.....yet we STILL have the choice..... I think this is what makes us who we are...... we are our choices.

Today I invite you, as I invite myself every day, to step into your decision maker and make choices that create the person you would like to be...... I will leave you with some lyrics I wrote for this song about Choice.... I hope you choose to read this and to listen to how choices manifest themselves into music for me.....thanks and peace

" Karma, cause and affect, and consequences are all natural laws of action and reaction. There is a reason everything happens in our lives … there are no accidents. With choices we have opportunities to face ourselves in the mirror as our karma returns and consequences happen. In this timeless remembrance of experiences, choices and consequences have no limits in time or affect. The Law of the Circle . . . what goes around, comes around. Our choices are what we live for . . . our consequences are what we live with . . . and our intent and awareness is what learn and grow from . . . this is our journey."

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