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Good Vibes are Coming Your Way

As I was doing some work on my website,, this week I kept getting this message to advertise one of the new features of my website. The add said "Good Vibes Coming Your Way".... I thought .... perfect.

I am so fortunate, and work hard, to be in a few all original bands. My newest formation is a few years old now and was started with my buddy Glen Kozielic. Glen is one of the most gifted guitarist/musicians/songwriters I have worked with and was able to work with him to write all the Kozmic Cowboy tunes.

I was also joined by some of the best musicians and closest friend to create this band of my dreams. We put out our first album,, last year and and already have enough songs for a great start to a second one. '

We are playing next week in Houston and it is such an intense joy...... I just had to share that "Good Vibes ARE coming your way"..... in a BIG WAY. I love our gigs because we are surrounded by people we love and who love the music and we get to dance and sing for a few hours where time becomes lost and in the blink of an eye, we are saying good night. The musical creation process is magical.

Because of families and life, we only get to play so many times each year and we are always working to find ways to maximize this because its so much fun.

I have attached a song from the CD Kozmic Cowboy ..... check out and if you are interested we are on CD Baby and iTunes. This is one the best CDs I have been involved with..... some amazing playing.

The only thing the recorded music can't give you is what we CAN give you at our live shows..... our mojo, our groove, and our utter joy to be doing what we love so much.... come join us and enjoy the music....peace

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