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Real Men Wear Pink

This is the title of an interview that I just gave with AARP..... yes the old folks organization we all reach at some point in our life. I personally threw everything away they sent me for years because AARP was for old folks ....... and I wasn't one of them....yet. Well that all changed when my step daughter Isabel went to work for AARP as an event organizer. It wasn't long before she drafted her mother, my wife, into a role of being the interviewer for a series of podcast they are putting on with issues that AARP deals with. They are an incredible organization, and now that I can accept my age better..... I can accept the help that they give every day to seniors across our country. It is a well funded non partisan organization with one goal..... help seniors in as many ways as they can.

Now that people are living longer, it is very common for men and women to have a second career starting after 50 and flourishing for years to come. Some are looking for hobbies, how to navigate all the healthcare rules and regulations, as well as connections for senior to be come involved in something they have some passion for.

This interview was about male caregivers. A majority of caregivers in our country are female ..... and that is changing. Men are stepping up and their roles are changing and I found myself the main caregiver for both of my parents the last years of their lives. They were divorced for many years, so there were two separate situations.....with my mother passing first, then Dad.

Below is the interview that MP conducted of me talking about my experience. All of AARP's podcast are free and on their website as well as iTunes. They have a wonderful array of subjects and are very helpful as we are living longer and have more opportunities that come with more years. I encourage you to check them out if you are interested.

Aging is an interesting subject and one I am working on in my 432 Peace Project and will be working with them with the frequencies. I am learning to accept my age and all the wonder that comes with this stage....... sometimes frustrating, sometimes wonderful....AND its what I with that I will leave you with a saying that has served me well......"Tomorrow is a dangerous assumption."........ think about it.

Link to the interview:

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