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Ready or not, here comes change....

In all my studies of creativity, I have found one fact that rings true every time..... change is hard for everyone. I was always told the creative individuals loved change, always wanted to shift things around, and were always flexible.....not true.

Change is only easy if I am the one wanting change and I can see a real benefit from the change. Then I go around wondering why change is so hard for everyone UNTIL I am told that I have to change and I cannot see a benefit....then I resist .....and I am one of those "highly creative" people that is suppose to be open and willing to change always.

The other fact that I know about change is that CHANGE IS CONSTANT. So when I find myself resisting change after change because I can not see how change would benefit me or the people around me, I am working on opening my focus and my attention to see that "there are many paths to the greater good".

My path is not the only path. I never ordered Hurricane Harvey or Irma to come wreak havoc on Texas, Florida, and other states in its path. I did not want that change. I did not want all that comes with that. I did not want all these people to suffer. This is not a change I wanted or think we needed........ and my path is not the only path.

So with faith and acceptance that change is constant, and our world is just reflecting back to us where we are as a human race.....change came. Nobody know what will change because of this , yet millions of people are crying for it. As Tom Petty said "waiting is the hardest part".... and we are waiting...... waiting to see how we will deal with change.... this time.

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